Our missions

February 2015

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

A team of MACLA Inc. volunteers set up a clinic, pre-op, OR, recovery, and post-op rooms on Saturday, February 7th, 2015. They would begin performing surgical procedures early in the morning to beat the severe heat that came at midday. This time around, the team scheduled 80 surgeries over 4 days. Based on experience, they knew that there would be more walk-ins throughout the week who wouldn’t have been available for initial screening and consultation.

This team was able to operate on many patients with congenial birth defects, cleft lips, cleft palates, hand deformities, and burn scars.

February 2014

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Dr. Quinn and a team of MACLA Inc. volunteers arrived at Hospital Padre Bellini in Santo Domingo to a line of patients already waiting for consultations. During this trip, Quinn and his team were able to perform 165 surgeries. Thanks to two new operating room beds, the team was able to perform six surgeries simultaneously. As the clinic grows and MACLA Inc. continues to receive donations, we expect to see this location to grow more advanced, so we can help more people in need.

January 2010


In January, a massive earthquake devastated the people of Haiti. Many homes were destroyed and many people were injured and killed. MACLA Inc. volunteers were able to travel to Haiti to help provide medical aid. What they witnessed was truly horrifying: Haiti’s outdated and unequipped medical facilities resulted in many people having to have their broken limbs amputated rather than rehabilitated.

MACLA Inc. gathered supplies and sent them to Heart to Heart, who turned them over to hospitals in Haiti. Sadly, many patients in Haitian hospitals who have had amputations died from infection. However, several victims who needed skin grafts were transferred to MACLA Inc. facilities where we were able to provide them with the procedures they needed.

February 2009

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

In February 2009, a MACLA Inc. team traveled to the Dominican Republic to treat the impoverished communities in and surrounding San Domingo. In total, MACLA Inc. performed 2,251 surgical procedures that month, the majority of those treating cleft lips and palates, and major burns and scars.

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