How you can help

MACLA Inc. is a medical organization that uses volunteers at all levels. We could always use doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists, but not all volunteers have to be medical professionals. We need volunteers who can help with translating Spanish to English, performing office duties, and filling other non-medical positions. Donating funds is another great way to contribute to MACLA Inc.’s cause.

If you are interested, some of the ways in which you can help are:

  1. Attend as a team member if you are a:
    • plastic surgeon
    • family practice or pediatric physician or resident
    • operating room nurse or surgical tech
    • recovery room nurse
    • anesthesiologist
    • nurse anesthetist
    • Spanish-speaking layperson to serve as an interpreter
  2. Help procure medical equipment, supplies, medications, etc.
  3. Sort and pack supplies in our warehouse in preparation for the trips (this is an ongoing, year-round endeavor)
  4. Help raise funds
  5. Organize or participate in toy drives
  6. Assist with small, medical supply drives
  7. Organize a service project with your school or church
  8. Help with organizing trips
  9. Assist with mailings
  10. Make a monetary donation.

Contact us to learn more about our volunteer opportunities